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  • Shobhit Khare


Dear Investor

Inertia portfolio has hit a new lifetime high already even as benchmark indices (Sensex and Nifty) are still 6-8% away from the all-time highs they touched in 2015. This is another testimony to our steady out performance and is a match for our track-record. Since our inception in August 2012, the Inertia portfolio is up 87% vs 54% for Sensex and 58% for Nifty!

So, you might be wondering, how this portfolio continues to outperform the market. Answer is simple: WE SAY NO TO JUNK!

Remember the last time you could not resist that burger or sweet or fried snack despite you being committed to your health and despite you knowing that it has implications on your health. We all know that junk food can cause several diseases including BP, diabetes, heart ailments and so on but most of us give in to our cravings while indulging as far as food goes....

Same is true for your financial health. If you get carried away and start accumulating junk in the portfolio, the long-term implications can be as grave. JUNK is JUNK, whether in your food or your in the portfolio!

And therein lies the reason for success of Inertia portfolio and the key to our outperformance.

It takes a lot of pigheaded discipline and serious long-term thinking for us to keep doing the good work.

At Inertia, we are committed that the power of healthy investing works for our investor clients. We help them keep the junk out and hence create a huge positive impact on their eventual wealth creation.

Be with us, where junk can never touch your investments!

Team Inertia

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