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As per Wikipedia Financial Freedom is defined as..

"Financial freedom is the state of having sufficient personal wealth to live, without having to work actively for basic necessities. For financially free people, their assets generate income that is greater than their expenses."

Inertia Wealth Creators LLP (INERTIA) is committed to the possibility of financial freedom of its clients by helping them build wealth through long-term investments in equities.


INERTIA provides a unique view about ‘money and investing’ such that people start looking at money as a resource to be managed efficiently rather than just a ‘medium of exchange’ or a ‘pool of savings’. INERTIA is aimed at empowering people to traverse the journey of successful wealth creation so as to set them free to be and free to act. Inertia puts its clients in control irrespective of the market situation.


We provide a handpicked portfolio for protection as well as growth with safety of principle being the primary target. A relentless focus on quality and diversity of the portfolio ensures the same. We hardly react on daily news flow and quarterly results which saves us a lot of mindless activity and saves our investors from incurring a lot of brokerage.

Inertia, started in year 2012, got incorporated as "Inertia Wealth Creators LLP" in year 2016. Our core portfolio based on our investment philosophy has been providing above benchmark returns since August 2012 when we started. 




Shobhit is a SEBI registered investment advisors. He has 12+ years of fundamental research experience tracking diverse sectors. Rated as one of the top analysts for India Telecom. Research covered in leading financial publications like The Economic Times, Business Today etc. Speaker at industry/academic conferences as well as on National TV.At INERTIA, he is responsible for portfolio management, content creation, and client servicing.

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