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  • Shobhit Khare


Inertia portfolio completed three successful years in August 2015! A special occasion for us since we believe that three years is a minimum time frame one should use to judge an investment performance. Quite clearly, we have come out with flying colors!

Notwithstanding the roller coaster path that the stock markets took during the period, we are completely on-track and have achieved our twin performance expectations laid down at the start of the portfolio. To recap, these are the portfolio return expectations we started with: 15-20% annualised returns on an absolute basis and beating the Sensex on a relative basis. So what have we delivered from August 2012-August 2015?

Inertia portfolio is up 74% cumulatively in the past three years implying an annualised return (CAGR) of 20.4% as compared to 14.4% CAGR (50% cumulatively) for the Sensex. This implies that we have delivered more than the upper end of our target returns range and beaten Sensex performance by 600bp every year. Most spectacularly, we did this while retaining 20 of the original 30 stock investments that we started off with in August 2012. ‘Inertia’ stands for our stance against the futile broker and media generated action (buying/selling/buying….) in the market and our ‘buy and hold’ stance is completely vindicated by our superior portfolio performance.

To put our ‘buy and hold’ strategy and its success into perspective, we would like to highlight that out of 20 stocks that we continue to hold since last three years, 5 have given more than 150% return and 10 have given more than 100 % returns. Average return of these 20 stocks is 108% with a maximum return of 197%!

So, where do we go from here? Higher of course but hopefully wider as well! We have touched hundreds of investors through ‘Inertia’ till now and our journey has just begun….’Inertia’ aims at empowering you financially such that you can create wealth and attain ‘financial freedom’ through equity investments with full control and confidence. That is what we are working on, and that is what we are delivering…

As we mentioned on our second anniversary, we will keep steering the portfolio to generate steady returns and request you to keep making the right allocation…

Thanks so much for your support

Happy Investing!

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