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April 3, 2017

“Finding a fiduciary financial advisor who best suits your needs can be harder  than finding a new hairdresser – and obviously a great deal more important,  as your hard-earned money doesn’t grow back..”

 – Tony Robbins



 We are delighted to inform you that after almost one year of intense efforts including clearing  two exams and great deal of paperwork, we have now received our registration from SEBI as  an Investment Adviser. Our registration number is INA000007313. There are only ~500 such  registrations in India and ~17 in Pune, which is a clear recognition of our ability to create  value for our clients.


 We take this opportunity to thank you from bottom of our heart for all the continuous support  and encouragement. It is this immense trust of our clients that makes us unstoppable in  conquering new frontiers.


 Friends, you might know many people who call themselves 'Investment Advisers' or 'Financial  Advisors' when in fact they are sub brokers or distributors or agents of Brokers/Mutual  Funds/Insurance agencies. Given that they receive commission from the companies whose  products they are selling, their primary motive is to 'Sell' the product to maximize the  commission rather than protecting the client interest.


 What differentiates SEBI registered Investment Advisers is that all of us have given a written  undertaking to SEBI that we will not distribute any financial product and not receive any  commission from a Broker/mutual fund or insurance company. This implies 'no conflict of  interest' with our clients. We strive to give advice that is in the best interest of our clients and  charge a fee transparently for this advice (directly from the client rather than getting any  commission).


 So, next time when someone introduces themselves as investment adviser, please do ask  them whether they have registered or applied for registration with SEBI. If not, no need to  panic. However, please be careful and ensure that you properly understand whether the  product you are buying is in your best interest. Just like you would do while tackling a sales  person trying to sell you a house, a car, some jewelry or clothes...That might go a long way  in safeguarding you and protecting your wealth.

 Our registration with SEBI is a testimony not only of our abilities but also our intent to provide  honest and transparent advice to esteemed clients like you.


 Thanks once again for all your support and encouragement...


 Happy Investing!


 Team Inertia

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