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  • Shobhit Khare


Let’s take a moment to think about how financial independent are we? Most of the world population, including us fellow Indians, attained political freedom after centuries of struggle. As we celebrate our 67th Independence day, it is worth thinking as to what this freedom entails. Is freedom just about freedom of speech, freedom of movement and freedom of religion? Or is it also about having real options of earning more than just livelihood?

Most of the population, while politically free, is in economic bondage. This is true not only about the huge mass struggling to win their daily bread facing abject poverty but also about the so-called ‘middle-class’ whose aspirations are running ahead of earnings. EMI culture is making their lives physically comfortable but leading to financial “Dependence” on a single source of income. ‘Freedom’ without financial independence does not feel complete, Does it? For lack of an alternative definition, lets define ‘financial freedom’ as having real options - without thinking about maintaining the current lifestyle. Financial freedom would mean that instead of money ruling an individual’s life, the individual controls money flow and rules his/her destiny. Instead of collecting liabilities, he/she collects assets. Instead of working for money, money works for him/her. Instead of selling his/her time, he/she buys other people’s time. Instead of depending on salary for a living, he/she depends on profit from an enterprise. Etc Etc Etc.

Inertia portfolio is a ticket to your financial freedom: An equity portfolio is nothing but shareholding in several individual companies. In that sense, it is a license to financial freedom as your holdings give you a share of profit in an enterprise by virtue of your shareholding without doing any physical labour towards the same. In this edition of our monthly update, we have presented a calculation of how much annual earnings your equity portfolio is generating. You might want to compare it with your annual house hold expenditure. The gap between the two represents the distance you need to travel in order to achieve your financial freedom. For most of us, its going to be a tough battle - not unlike the freedom movement.There could be some sacrifices on the way as well. But freedom fighters did not care. Nor shall we…

We are committed to help each inertia investor attain his/her financial freedom.Sorry for being a bit preachy, what else did you expect on the Independence Day ;)

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